Love Rectangle

Dec 19

Animal Attraction was better, I think. I do like the fact that I finally found out who does that “Over the Rainbow” song I like a lot. Just look at his name: Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. That’s got to be the coolest name around! It took me a second after I put the book down to realize that it’s basically a reincarnation of Animal Attraction, just not as good. Ponti seems to love the love rectangle. Girl caught between two guys and when she finally decides which one she likes most, that boy may have another girl who’s interested and she may steal him away if she’s not careful. Ponti also loves girls and boys getting to know each other in a car ride and apparently that’s the right person to end up with.
Brendan shows up randomly towards the end and he wasn’t a fully developed character. I wish there was more to Zach and Monica’s story than what was given because it seems they have a history and that was never revealed. This was still an entertaining read, thanks to Darby’s best friend Kate who likes to say, “Tell me all the horny details!” or some derivative of that.
But all things aside, I’m getting sick of perfect guys showing up and the girl just happens to run into him and he automatically likes her back with no question. Maybe I need a break from rom-coms. :/