Timing is everything, yo!

Jan 10

(OK, I just noticed the cover picture I chose is actually an advertisement for the whole trilogy, but that is what the cover of the first one looks like.) I just discovered Jenny Han and I like her. I don’t love her…yet. I like The Summer I Turned Pretty, but the timeline is so messed up! The story is kind of hard to follow because she jumps back and forth, back and forth between the past and the present. It drove me crazy trying to follow the storyline!! >.< I will say this though: I’m really glad to be back in the girl’s POV. The story is fine, but I just wish she didn’t do so many flashbacks; they disrupted the flow. I really hope the next book is in chronological order. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope so! I like the name Belly, even though Belly does not. She stuck her tongue out WAY TOO MUCH though. I understand that it’s supposed to show how she’s still a kid and this summer is a transition phase, but I really don’t think she needed to stick out her tongue like that so much. It doesn’t seem like she and Conrad will last long. They’re too different. Han does do a wonderful job with creating round characters, even with a predictable plot. They spice up the story and Belly must be the envy of some girls just for all the male attention she gets, even if BFF Taylor is the “hot” one. I kind of wanted Belly to end up with Jeremiah. I felt bad for him in the end, though not sobbing bad or anything, just bad. Anyway, despite the annoying timing issue, I can’t wait to read the next book.