The Square Root of Summer

May 15

Woosh. Woosh. Woosh. You know that hand gesture you make over your head when something is well, over your head? That is how I felt while reading Harriet Reuter Hapgood’s The Square Root of Summer. I was drawn to the title because I’m a nerd like that and thought a nerdy YA would be interesting and fun. I was so wrong. This girl’s not out of high school yet and thinks and talks like a math major. You really have to love math to enjoy this book. I mean I like the element of magic realism to it, but it’s so confusing I never know when anything is taking place. This book makes me feel dumb. Am I really that dumb? (Don’t answer that.) I don’t know how accurate the math is in here because again, I am not familiar with all the principles quoted in here. Bah, humbug! I do, however, understand the love parts, surprise, surprise. I understand getting your heart broken over a boy who doesn’t invest enough in you and breaking a boy’s heart who you don’t invest enough into. I understand growing apart from a best girl friend, but not growing up without a mother. I don’t understand having a laid back father who would allow such an epic party while he was away and not do anything to her, just let her brother take responsibility. There’s a lot of German words in here and I don’t know what they all mean. I like the idea of being able to time travel, but I’m not sure I’ll actually like it since it will be hard for me to figure out where I’ve gone to.