Who I Kissed

Dec 15

I have a friend who is deathly allergic to peanuts. Janet Gurtler certainly shows she has an unexpected imagination in Who I Kissed. (That doesn’t even make sense. Imagination is all about the unexpected.) I came across this book randomly at the library and am glad I did. I was drawn to the cover. It initially looks like just another teen rom-com, but this where “don’t judge a book by its cover” steps on your foot, hard. Because Sam kisses Alex and he dies on the spot. He has an asthma attack is also allergic to peanuts. Right before the party, Sam has a peanut butter sandwich. Put two and two togher and you always get four. Alex’s sudden death is all over the news, naturally. And the rest of the school shut her out. Much like Jennifer Brown’s Hate List. Yet this seems much worse. It was an accident. Everyone knows it was an accident. But no one is willing to make it any easier for Sam to get over it. She is stuck with the guilt of knowing she killed a boy with a kiss, a kiss that was meant to make another boy jealous. She hits the pause button on her life. Relief does come eventually. The book has the perfect ending and is perfectly timed.