It’s the crabby coming through

Oct 08


I don’t think I’ll be able to switch it up. When I start reading one YA author, I have this incessant need to read all the books by that author before switching it up. That’s a sign of a successful YA author. So here I am, having finished Jennifer Echols’ Going Too Far. I have to say, my experience reading it may have been slightly tainted just because the copy I borrowed from the library smelled like perfume the whole time. I couldn’t get it out of my nose the whole time I was reading it which may have affected my opinion of the book, which is a pity because things like that really shouldn’t influence you while you read. Oh well.
I find it interesting that an eyebrow piercing is supposed to signify “bad girl.” The part of her describing the cop she rides with was very confusing for me, though maybe Echols meant it that way. At the beginning I didn’t know if he was young or old, or if he had a wife and family already or something like that. Though, to Echols’ credit, Meg wasn’t sure either. I just can’t imagine a 19-year-old young man looking like he’s 40. That just doesn’t make sense to me. I also didn’t find the ending to be satisfying. I couldn’t believe Meg had cancer. That wasn’t realistic. So Johnafter never goes to college to pick up art instead? He remains a cop forever in this town everyone else is so desperate to escape? This is not one of my favorites of Echols, but she has not lost my attention yet. This past weekend I checked out two more of her books. Have no fear. I will continue to read her.
On a totally side note, I never seem to know the right things to say. I know I already said this in my Xanga, but I can’t help it. =(