I seriously need some rest.

Dec 12

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Gateway┬áis such a simple, yet appropriate title for this book . The story was not bad, but I was really distracted by the Chinese names and words. They weren’t complex enough. I will say the book satisfies the Asian girl’s dream of being with a white guy. (Or is it White guy?) Her ending is just right and doesn’t feel rushed at all, which I keep finding in a lot of books nowadays. Sadly I haven’t been feeling too energetic the last couple of days so I’ll make this a short one even though I do like this story.
It’s not a rom-com, but I suspect mostly girls will be interested in reading this book. Maybe I’ll do some guy-friendly YAs in the future, but for now, I do love a good love story and this one has one. It would be cool to go on an adventure like the one Daiyu goes on, but it would not be fun to have to deal with the memory part. I think the biggest question the book poses is what are we without our memories? Who are we when we can’t remember what happened to us? I think it’s a pretty simple answer and I’m truly glad that Daiyu was able to find her way back to Kalen in the end, even if his name changed to Caleb. It’s his new St. Louis identity. That’s one way to look at it.
Well, if you want to read more, you can check out my book review of it on my Examiner page.