Nov 16

Well, I learned from Amy Finnegan’s debut novel, Not in the Script, that a lot of drama happens over very little off the set. Yet somehow, I couldn’t stop reading! Without reading her bio, I knew that Amy is really familiar with the behind-the-scenes happenings when actors are filming. Then it turns out she has a brother who used to be part of the biz. That makes a lot of sense.

The cover is cute and it doesn’t feature the divas of the story like I thought it would:

They look like nice people right? The thing that makes this story successful is how real the characters are. They are actors and yes, maybe one or two of them love the publicity they get from being who they are, but when the cameras aren’t rolling, they are just like any other teenagers, except famous. This is just a taste of what life is like for them that the public has no clue and I like how Amy gives us a little peek in the window.

You would think a model just wants to find any other opportunity to get his name out there and his face on billboards or buses or whatever, but here is one who wants to use the money he makes to help his mother with her health issues. He also wants to go to college for business. This all started with him selling all of his mother’s shoes when he was just a kid. You would think an actress just wants to pose for the cameras and find what new roles she can get. But here’s one who wants to start a charity foundation and found just the person who inspired it. Of course, the story would not be complete without a lot of miscommunication, teens not ready for serious relationships, head guessing games and tabloids. It makes dating your co-worker that much more difficult.

This book is cute and oddly enough, some parts I related to so well I felt tears welling up. No joke.