Love Story

Oct 27

I have to return this book to the library today, so I’ll be quick. It has not stopped me from wanting to read more of her, but nevertheless, I am a little disappointed. This is not as good as The Ex Games, but it followed the same basic format. Erin has red hair, like Hayden did. Erin and Hunter fought back and forth the way Hayden and Nick did. This turned me off because I think Echols does a better job with development of Hayden and Nick’s story. This time around it just felt recycled. Ironically, even though these two are in college, they are both virgins and therefore the sex scene was downplayed, which is very different from Forget You. It’s pretty neat that the story is about one creative writing class, yet unbelievable that the kids in that class can become so close over the course of one semester. As someone who took several writing classes while at uni, I can assure you no one became that close with their classmates. The style for the workshop is realistic. Writers are supposed to read the set of stories for each class and provide comments while authors sit and listen and don’t say a word until the very end. Gabe wasn’t a very in-control instructor though. Most all of my writing classes were commanded by confident teachers who had no problem interrupting or telling you what they thought and I appreciated that. I also find it hard to believe that two people would be sending each other hidden messages in stories they write for class. I do believe the guys would gang up against the girls when talking about what is good writing and what is not. This is not her best work, but was still an enjoyable read.