I heart happy endings!

Jan 17

And of course I go in order. :) This one’s much better! It gave me less of a headache when navigating the events. I think the “you” in the title refers to Conrad, but she does end up with Jeremiah instead so I don’t know. It’s interesting how Jenny Han didn’t go out of order this time, but she suddenly introduces Jeremiah’s point of view and we get inside his head. It was almost like we had to see his side of things just so we can know how desperate he was to be with Belly. It’s Not Summer Without You had a lot less tongue sticking out from Belly which made me feel relieved, though she does manage to stick her tongue out once or twice anyway. I’m glad she stays consistent and Conrad is still the older, moody type while Jeremiah is more the comical type. We see more of Mr. Fisher as well which I enjoyed. Her descriptions of college are quick, funny and realistic. I’m not sure about Belly taking the infinity necklace. It seemed too good to be true that Conrad had it and I don’t know if I were her if I would have just taken it like that, assuming it was for me. That’s pretty brave of Belly. I like how it ends with you wanting to know more, but I’m questioning the mini-epilogue-thingy. She marries one of them? I feel like Belly has to end up with Conrad to make this trilogy a happy ending, but we’ll see. It’ll still be so predictable if she does, but I’ll be sad for Jeremiah. :( I hope he gets a happy ending too!