More Jenny Han, please.

Jan 21

We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

So ends the trilogy. What a relief!

I stayed up late last night, unplanned, to finish it because the suspense of who she ends up with was killing me. It flowed nicely like book two and this time we see inside Conrad’s head, which kind of gave away the ending. I still wanted to see how she arrives there, though, and drama, drama, drama! There’s a lot of emotion in here.

Not the kind that makes you cry when you read it, but you can tell each character went through so much pain and heartbreak. (I liked Belly so much I named my new car after her.) You almost know right away who she’s going to end up with, but there’s a part of you really nervous that she won’t.

The story’s not so much about summer as about making big life decisions. It takes place in the summer because that is the time of year the other books took place and it’s the only link between the stories. I was a little disappointed that basically after the first book Cam doesn’t make another appearance and Steve’s role was minor. Every girl’s going to want her own Conrad and Jeremiah.

The perfect guy is probably a combination of the two boys. You feel bad for the other one she doesn’t end up with. Her decision was definitely a tough one. I think picking someone to marry is one of the hardest choices to make and you can’t make it all on your own either, which  makes it that much harder. I’m really glad I didn’t peek at the ending first or anything. It has a nice Casablanca feel to it, which I loved. I want to read more Jenny Han!

We’ll Always Have Summer