A Steampunk Ending

Jun 01


I have finally finished this trilogy. I must admit it’s been a long time since I reviewed the first two books in this trilogy so I don’t remember everything that happened before, but I do know I enjoyed this trilogy as a whole. It was my first steampunk read and honestly I can say it captures you like a mystery and makes you browse the jewelry. The adventure aspect of it mixed in with the steampunk aspect of it and searching for a lost twin brother made it a fast, fun read to enjoy in the moment. It may not be a story I think about 10 years from now, but it will be a story that provided me with some entertainment for a little while. I’m just glad I got through book#3 because I don’t like the feeling of starting a trilogy or series and not finishing. I don’t like the feeling of starting a book and not finishing it either. Even if I’m not enjoying the story too much, if I start a book, I feel like I have to finish it. I don’t have any steampunk pieces yet, but one day I know I’ll be browsing and want to get a pair of earrings or something and this is the trilogy I’ll be thinking of.