I finally finished Catching Fire

Jul 03

So I started The Hunger Games a way while back and I just finished Catching Fire. I cheated though, and saw the movie first a few months back before finishing the written version. So while I finished reading, I couldn’t help but let images from the movie sprinkle on. The movie seemed a lot more violent, but I know all that violence was described in the book. I’m a visual learner, so I guess why the movie is usually more intense for me. I thought the book spent too much time at the beginning of the story and then rushed throught the middle and the end so the book seemed more about getting ready for the Quarter Quell instead of the Quarter Quell itself.

I really, really did not like what happened to Cinna! Also, the part when Maggie kisses Finnick good-bye and bascially votes herself off the island. That gets to me. It got to me when I saw the movie, and then it got me again as I read about it. :'(

I like the lead into Book Three, but it makes me nervous. I’m imagining corporeal punishments from the Capitol…*shudders*